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Birthdate:Sep 25
Location:United States of America
My fondest ambition is to rope a tornado and ride it all the way down to the Sea of Cortez.

You can't convince me I won't, someday.

[This is a private archive of my old livejournal entries - not an active current journal. The active journal can be found at tiamatschild at dreamwidth.]

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a. a. milne, allegory, amelia/emerson, angua/carrot, arilan/cardiel, art/craft, aule/yavanna, autumn sunshine, babe the blue ox, battle tactics, battlefield medicine, best friends, bickering with one's creator, bright shiny things, cats, centauri dream symbolism, centauri opera, cheery's high heels, choosing joy, cissie/cassie, classic hebrew poetic structure, comic book insanity, compassion, confident!vir, construction of identity, contractual marriage, cooking, corporal radar o'reilly, cosmic significance, counseling, crossdressing girls in uniform, crossdressing lesbian pirates, cybertonian love poetry, deadly blue space goldfish, deeply odd crossovers, destiny/mystique, development of folklore, diana wynne jones, dogs, dorothy/relena, dreamseer gals, durhan/torval, excavation techniques, family, feminism, feminist mythology, femslash, florian's children, footnote love, forestry, friends as soulmates, fuzzy fuzzy sapiens holloway, gardening, gennish romps, giant water planets, girls loving boys, good food, good wine, grand platonic love affairs, heroes with issues, hestia, hex/ponder, hildegard of bingen, identity confusion, industrial unionism, jennifer tilly, journey to the west, julian of norwich, lacey davenport, love in multiple forms, luggage/rincewind, lyta/kosh, mad g'kar love, major margaret, marrying for friendship, minor character otps, mutual love, my love's ideologically impure, mysticism, mystique/destiny, narn protest poetry, nemo/aronnax, nitpicky details, nobby crossdressing-the horror, not heroes, omgwtf? diana!, one true friendships, original characters, osgood/daphne, perpetua and felicitas, politics of power, polly/maladicta, practical and personal partnerships, practical love, praying for rain, pretty good year, pretty men, pretty women, primary sources, propaganda techniques, protest traditions, radical compassion, radical grace, reading as a trickster, rosemary radford reuther, sacramental marriage, sam vimes/sybil ramkin, sapphic schoolgirls, satyaghara, sergius and bacchus, smooching under the stage, socialist folksongs, sophie/howl, spinsterhood, spritual practice, stephen&jack, stuck in the middle, studs terkel, stuffed animals, subtextual mutual love affairs, summer thunderstorms, superpowered redheads, surrogate family, susan b. anthony, tall tales, the armana period, the evolution of language, the popular wobbly, thick down quilts, thomas/denis, tolstoy's political theology, treadsnails, trees, true dreams, two humans = argument, victor hugo, vintage, voltaire, well aged slang, well read men, well read women, white collar unions, wholesome rustic threesomes, wholesome urban threesomes, wilfred edward salter owen, william wordsworth&samuel coleridge, willing walks into hell, yavanna/aule, zion as character
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